General terms and conditions

EN: General terms and conditions


QUANTUM PRO SERVICES SRL, hereinafter referred to as Provider, offers occasional transport services at the customer’s request according to its needs.
The Provider undertakes to provide all the necessary measures so that the cars and the equipment used in order to operate his services are in optimal functioning.
The operator guarantees that the cars will be permanently ready for road, clean, properly maintained and equipped with air conditioning.
The customer undertakes to pay the negotiated transport fee at the time stipulated by the contract and not exceed the weight accepted for the luggage. Otherwise, the customer will pay an additional charge depending on the weight exceeded. If the passengers are not yet 18 years old and are not accompanied by a legal guardian, they need a consenting letter from the guardian, to mention that they were allowed to travel without their supervision.
The customer may modify or cancel an existing reservation with 24 hours in advance at no cost. Modifying or canceling a reservation can only be made by email, specifying the order number and the name of the person who registered the initial reservation. It should be noted that it is possible to apply additional charges at the time of changing the essential cordonation of a reservation (eg adding intermediate stops who implicates the waiting time required to return them to the car). If additional charges apply, the passenger who made the initial reservation will be notified following the cost difference to be payed by the beneficiary.
The carrier has absolutely no obligation to compensate passengers or to pay any cost or any other amount of money for any kind of complaints based on the use by you and / or the group of passengers of the requested services for any other purpose or / and beyond the contractual limits established for them, or the impossibility / delay in service of the Service by the Supplier, communicated to the applicant / passengers, but caused by events independent of the will and possibilities of the Provider.
The Provider has no obligation to pay certain amounts of compensation in the event of accidents or any other traffic events that exceed the limits legally provided by the Valid Assurances covering the Supplier’s activity and Private Transfer Services.
In case of losing or damaging the luggage during the journey, the carrier will only respond when the negative consequences have occurred as a result of a fact attributable to it.
The provider will be relieved of liability for the death or personal injury of the traveler only if he can prove that they were due to the fault of the traveler or circumstances beyond his control because he could not avoid or prevent them.