Our Fleet

Our fleet is maximum 5 years old, full insurance and is well mantained.

Our cars:

Skoda Octavia


Airport Shuttle
A dedicated driver will wait for the passengers in the “Arrivals” area, respecting the “meet and greet” procedure. The cost of a transfer is the one from your booking, there are no extra costs and hidden fees, the eventual waiting time of delayed flights is included. Our drivers have all the information of delayed flights directly from the Airport. To be there on time is very important for us and our clients, your driver will always pick you up on time.

Transfer aeroport Sibiu-Brasov, Transfer aeroport Sibiu-Cluj Napoca, Transfer aeroport Sibiu-Otopeni, Transfer aeroport Sibiu or any other transfer.

Door to door shuttle
Asking for a transfer service outside the city of Sibiu brings along a series of benefits for our clients: No stress in the driving area, safety of your trip, the possibility of using your time, otherwise lost with driving, more efficiently. The prices are calculated according with the number of kilometers driven, and in some cases are lower than Taxi costs.

We offer you door to door shuttle:
Sibiu-Brasov, Sibiu-Cluj Napoca, Sibiu-Alba Iulia, Sibiu-Bucuresti, Sibiu-Deva, Sibiu-Budapesta, Sibiu-Viena, or back, or any other kind of transfer on request.

In the city shuttle
Either your employees need business transfers or your guests need to be picked up or left at the hotel or your companies headquarter, or any other location inside the city, our drivers are prepared to safely drive them to destination. Prices are fixed prices and they rise only in case of “extra hour” transfers.

Wedding shuttle
Your wedding? Gratulations! Would you like to ensure the best transportation service for you and your guests, so that they forget about the stress of driving and focus on the party? Sibiu Airport Transfer provides you any car type desired, from our fleet.


Transport Aeroport Sibiu – Medias / Transfer  Medias – Aeroport Sibiu

Transport Aeroport Sibiu – Sighisoara / Transfer  Sighisoara – Aeroport Sibiu

Transport Aeroport Sibiu – Brasov / Transfer  Brasov – Aeroport Sibiu

Transport Aeroport Sibiu – Cluj Napoca/ Transfer  Cluj Napoca – Aeroport Sibiu

Transport Aeroport Sibiu – Blaj / Transfer  Blaj – Aeroport Sibiu

Transport Aeroport Sibiu – Alba Iulia / Transfer  Alba Iulia – Aeroport Sibiu

Transport Aeroport Sibiu – Ramnicu Valcea / Transfer  Ramnicu Valcea – Aeroport Sibiu

Transport Aeroport Sibiu – Bucuresti / Transfer  Bucuresti – Aeroport Sibiu

Transport Aeroport Sibiu – Timisoara / Transfer  Timisoara – Aeroport Sibiu

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